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ADC Lithium Iron Battery 24V 200Ah Lifep04

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3 Years Warranty and maintenance free with a 3500-8000 cycles life.
MAX. CONNECT ( Get more Capacity or Voltage)
Connect in Series: 24V ,36V, 48V (max.), 4pcs battery in series.
Connect in Parallel: 800Ah (max.), 4pcs battery in parallel.
Connect in Parallel & Series: 48V 800Ah (max.)

How to connect battery in series or parallel? Check here.

25.6V ( 2pcs 12V 200Ah in series)

NOMINAL CAPACITY: ≥200Ah (40A Discharge at 131°F /25°C )

ENERGY: 5120 Wh

100A max at 29.2±0.2V
This battery should be charged using a lifepo4 battery charger.

200A max continuous, 400A max. 3second pulse, 20V discharge cut off voltage
40-100A recommended for longest lifetime.

CYCLE LIFE (≥80% Capacity)
>3500 cycles with 100% DOD, 40A
>8000 cycles with 50% DOD, 40A

Charge: 32-131°F / 0-45°C
Discharge: -4-131°F / -20-55°C
Storage: 50-86°F / 10-30°C
Longe Period Storage: 50% charged, charge the battery every 3months.

MONTHLY SELF DISCHARGE: ≤3.5% at 77°F / 25°C

SINGLE BATTERY DIMENSION: 20.86x8.11x8.46inch / 530x206x215mm 

TOTAL WEIGHT: 93 Lbs / 42.2Kgs

TERMINALS:  F12 terminals, Bolt size: M8

Over Charge Voltage Cut Off, Over Discharge Voltage Cut Off, Over Discharge Current Cut Off, Short Circuit Protection, High Temperature Charge Cut Off, Cell Balancing, High Temperature Discharge Cut Off

All batteries are UN38.3 certified, ADCBATT's cells are UL1642 certified and complied with IEC 62133 standards. Meets all international regulations for ground, train, air & sea shipment.

Trolling Motor, Solar Energy Storage, Industrial Batteries, LiFePO4 replacement for SLA 12V, Home Solar & Power Walls, Marine Application, Fish Finder, Flashers, Boating Electronics, Ice Fishing, Recreational Vehicles, Off-Grid Homes.

This is a 24V deep cycle battery.

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