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BigBattery 24/48v HSKY LiFePO4

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The BigBattery Husky is the latest generation of top-quality LiFePO4 batteries form BigBattery.  Featuring an easy-to-use Anderson SB175 Output connector, this battery is a drop in, plug and play solution for all of your needs. In terms of kWh/ft3, the HSKY is the most space and weight efficient battery on the market today. Whether you’re looking to optimize your battery system for boondocking in your RV, or build your ideal off-grid home system, the 24V HSKY is your solution. Utilizing brand new cells paired with our advanced BMS, you can rest easy knowing that HSKY will provide you with safe, energy efficient power that can be used safely within a wide temperature range. All you winter campers can finally get that extra day off grid that you’ve been waiting for!

BigBattery HSKY
Parameter Specification
48v Husky 24v Husky Elite
Chemistry LiFePO4
Configuration 1p16s (48v) 1p8s (24v)
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 103Ah 228Ah
Nominal Capacity (Wh) 5273Wh 5836Wh
Maximum Charge Current 90 Amps
Maximum Charge Voltage 58.4v 29.2v
Recommended Absorption Voltage 56.8 28.4v
Recommended Absorption Duration 15 Minutes
Recommended Float Voltage 55.2 27.6v
Charge Temp Range 0°C – 35°C
Max Continuous Discharge Current 130A 175A
Peak Discharge Current 350A (6 seconds, Fuse limited)
Minimum Discharge Voltage 38v (BMS Shutdown) 19v (BMS Shutdown)
Recommended Cyclic Discharge Voltage 46v 23v
Discharge Temp Range -20°C – 55°C
Additional Information
Optimal Use Temp Range 15°C – 45°C
Safety Features Built in Management System


Over & under voltage, over current, over & under temperature

Emergency Fire Suppression Device

Parallel Connectable Yes, up to 8
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions Length: 10.25 In.


Width: 9.5 In.

Height: 21.5 In. (With Removable Base)

Height: 18 In. (Without Removable Base)

Weight 100 Lbs.

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