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BIOPLS PRO - Extreme Weight Loss Formula

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BioPLS Pro is formulated to help aid in weight loss and boost your energy levels. Take with water every morning and see the difference BioPls can make in your life. 

They said I looked like ‘the fat lady in the circus’ until Harvard's new ‘cravings trigger discovery’ disintegrated 69lbs of deep fat…

How One Nutrient Rewired Her Brain To Keep The Weight Off Forever

And How One Nutrient Rewired Her Brain To Keep The Weight Off For The First Time In Her Life

“I reached for a donut…

Feeling like my body was my own enemy…

And wondering if I would ever love myself.

Then a wave of emotion hit me, forcing me to take another. I ate that first donut, then the second, only to collapse on the couch like I’d been hit by a truck.

It had been an entire year since I started my new diet, and I’d lost 41 pounds of chunky fat.

Now the cycle of gaining it all back started… and I usually gained those 40 pounds back in six months.

The same cycle repeated year after year, from when I was 19 years old to now, at 60.

That “wave of emotion” felt like a deep-rooted shame and a sense that I wasn’t good enough to love myself. Sure, it sounds dramatic, but anyone in my position knows exactly how I feel.

Laying on the couch after those donuts… I thought back to when this all started.

At 19, I officially became “too heavy”, and that’s when my yo-yo dieting cycle began.

Back then my biggest issue was boys not thinking I was pretty enough, and popular girls looking at me like the fat lady in the circus.

But on that couch at age 60… the scars ran much deeper.

Losing and regaining the same 40 pounds for four decades ruins your self-esteem – and that day on the couch, it hit me the hardest.

I turned my head into the cushion and cried my eyes out.

Alone. Hopeless.

Aside from my broken self-esteem,
I knew I had bigger problems.

My level of obesity could only go down one scary path: a path of debilitating diabetes, terrifying heart problems, and a lonely nursing home.

For years I tried Weight Watchers, counting calories, cutting out fats from my diet, and every single program under the sun… only to feel worse and worse every year.

And trust me, I had the willpower.

Losing weight wasn’t even my problem.

Keeping it off was.

Up until that day crying on the couch, I couldn’t keep the weight off to save my life.

My body broke down more and more every single day. At 60 years old, I think I was lucky to be alive. Most people who struggle so much with obesity would be long gone by now from diabetes or a heart attack.

So I knew I had to do something about it fast before it was too late.

But I had no idea where to start.

And all I could do that day was cry.”

Hi, I’m Jonathon Bailor

My close friend Christine told me this personal story last year.

Even though I am so proud of her for being honest and sharing it with me, sadly I hear identical stories every day.

Women who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s… who spend their entire lives yo-yo dieting… damaging their own hormones, digestive system, and brain…

Thinking it’s their own fault for being overweight.

Like Christine mentioned, most people aren’t as lucky as her and often lose their lives to obesity or diabetes.

If you’re assuming that could never happen to you, you should know that is what every other overweight woman thinks too.

And it’s understandable.

A lot of women assume that gaining weight is a part of the aging process. That they need to count calories or “points” to lose weight, or that their body is this lazy thing that works against them.

Most women over 50 grew up during a tough time, too. These fad diets took the world by storm and forced women to starve themselves in hopes of losing fat… which made them fatter and more unhealthy without knowing it.

Christine didn’t think this would be her life years ago, because this weight problem was just something that was always around.

She didn’t think the extra fat on her thighs, hips, and belly was a huge deal…

But that extra fat was actually her body’s way of warning her…
Telling her that something was terribly wrong under her skin.

Her brain, gut, and hormones were defective, and she needed to make a massive change before it was too late.

Luckily, Christine is a brand new person now, and you’ll hear about her success later. But first…

If you consider yourself overweight – whether it’s 100 pounds past the mark, or even just 10 pounds – please pay close attention for the next few minutes…

Because the information inside this letter might change your life.

You see, in the next few minutes, I’ll explain…

How a “Cravings Trigger” in Your Brain Roadblocks Your Weight Loss No Matter How Many Calories You Cut.

It’s the real reason why popular diets like Weight Watchers can’t keep the weight off, and why they deplete your energy until you feel frail and tired.

By the end of this, you’ll see why cravings are inescapable, and how anyone who’s told you otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Instead, you’ll learn how to redirect your brain to crave DIFFERENT high-quality foods, so that you don’t have the desire anymore to eat a chocolate donut or slice of greasy pizza.

There's a way to rewire this “cravings trigger” using one overlooked nutrient…

A nutrient that nobody talked about until thousands of doctors, researchers, and scientists realized its capabilities.

They studied its ability to rewire the “cravings trigger” in your brain and heal your fat-loss metabolism, especially for women over 50 years of age.

Harvard University researchers think this is the only way to escape an ‘obesity death sentence’…[1,2]

And swear by this one method above all else as the only safe way to lose weight after 50 and keep it off for the first time in your life.

This “overlooked nutrient” rewires the “craving trigger” in your brain to mimic the metabolism of a naturally thin person…

And it does so in such a small amount of time that you can actually eat MORE calories and stop dieting forever.

After trying this, most women’s husbands ask how they look so young. Friends gossip about how they broke the depressing cycle of dieting. And their grandkids light up when they see how healthy they look.

Even better…

This has nothing to do with counting calories, tracking Weight Watchers points, starving yourself, exercising more, or taking dangerous weight loss pills…

It’s entirely natural and works no matter how old you are.

Plus, adding this overlooked nutrient is easier than any weight loss plan you’ve ever followed.

I’ll tell you everything inside this letter…


So let’s spend 60 seconds unlearning what you know about fat loss…

And give you a clear explanation of what works and what does not…

Why the real cause of obesity and diabetes is not what you think…

And the one-step-process to do something about it today.

If you don’t do anything else today, I want you to at least learn the truth behind losing fat and keeping it off…

And how women over 50 can do this safely and sustainably – without starving themselves, counting calories, or feeling like their body is the enemy.

Harvard-Endorsed Nutrition Expert Explains Why ALL Diets Fail People After 50…

And why the “cravings trigger” in your brain causes permanent obesity until you rewire it to crave different foods…

Overeating and binging on unhealthy food don’t have anything to do with willpower.

It actually has to do with your brain’s inescapable “cravings trigger.”

See, this “cravings trigger” automatically forces us to crave specific foods.

If you’ve ever tried a fat-loss pill that claims to ‘crush cravings’ and didn’t see any changes – or started a strict diet only to find yourself eating donuts two days later – this automatic “cravings trigger” is exactly why.

The bad news is that your brain can never escape cravings.

If anyone tells you differently, they aren’t telling you the scientific truth – because your brain is hardwired to crave food.

The good news is that you can change the foods your brain craves.

You can rewire this “cravings trigger” to automatically crave foods that help you burn fat… instead of foods that deplete your energy and pack fat onto your hips, thighs, and belly.

There is a surprisingly easy way to rewire your “cravings trigger”…

But you might be wondering WHY your brain craves toxic foods that make burning fat impossible…

So let’s take a look. See, this center in your brain is called the hypothalamus.

When your body uses up its calories, it triggers the hypothalamus to feel hungry. Then you eat food to satisfy your hunger.

But this isn’t the real problem.

The real problem comes from something called “false hunger.”

You know, those cravings you can’t seem to turn off just by “trying harder”?

This is why you can eat a massive meal and still want more, or feel guilty about that chocolatey dessert after dinner.

It’s because your brain isn’t truly hungry, and those foods trick the hypothalamus into feeling hungry.

3 Specific Foods That Flip Your “Cravings Trigger” On Faster than a Lightswitch…

The first is sugar.

Sugar cravings are the root problem behind chronic obesity. Sugar sparks an intense feeling of false hunger after you eat it, making you eat more and more even though you’re full.

The second is bread.

Manufacturers process white bread with refined carbohydrates, which automatically switches on that false “cravings trigger” and increases risk of obesity.[3]

If you’ve ever eaten a few slices of pizza and felt like a truck hit you, or passed out on the couch after a big meal, it’s probably because of these refined carbohydrates.

The third food is pasta.

Pasta uses the same type of processing as bread, loaded up with starchy refined carbohydrates. This makes pasta the third food that cripples your metabolism and makes it impossible to crave high-quality foods.

Sugar, bread, and pasta activate that false “cravings trigger” because they are full of starches. Your body burns these up as energy right away, before it can EVER use your stored fat instead…

Trapping you in an endless cycle of strict dieting without results.

These starchy foods increase your blood sugar levels after you eat… making your body feel tired and weak and forcing your brain to feel hungry again.

The cycle never stops.

Your body can’t burn your stored fat as energy. And even if you do lose weight on a strict diet, it all sneaks back onto your hips, thighs, and tummy in a few months.


Removing starchy foods from your kitchen altogether won’t work.

Because the “cravings mechanism” in your brain pulls you down the rabbit hole the next day… when it wants some sugary ice cream or a greasy pizza.

In fact, starchy foods are the deadliest weapons of the food industry.

These foods make women feel like they don’t work hard enough…

Even when they cut calories and give up all their favorite meals hoping to lose weight…

Because these foods make the “cravings trigger” light up with false hunger.

Unfortunately, the food industry knows this, so they take advantage of it.

Let’s take a look.

McDonald’s spent $447.3 MILLION to advertise their sugary ice cream and greasy burgers in 2019.[4]

Coca-Cola spends $4 BILLION advertising their sugar-filled drink…[5]

And the entire industry dumped BILLIONS more into worldwide advertising.

You’re fed commercials, advertisements, and promotions from the time you’re born, pushing you to these unhealthy foods.

A great example is the “Happy Meal” at McDonald’s conditioning young children to eat loads of processed sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Now before I tell you how to rewire your brain to crave different foods…
And show you a simple process to end the dieting cycle…

You need to first understand the worst part about the false “cravings trigger” so you can keep the weight off after losing that first 20, 30, or 40 pounds.

See, your brain doesn’t know what these artificial ingredients and added sugars are… because they are completely foreign to your body.

Your brain perceives these added sugars and artificial ingredients as drugs.

That’s right, your brain thinks unhealthy food is a drug.

Sugar triggered the same part of the brain that abusive drugs do during a brain scan study on food addiction.[6]

You could eat a delicious donut while your brain processes it like a hard drug.

These unhealthy, sugary foods then trigger a feeling of “euphoria” in the brain… just like what a drug addict feels after using.

Although it’s not as severe as a hard drug, most people crave sugar and processed foods from the time they’re 5 years old all the way to age 90!

And even though your brain can actually crave ANY food if you train it to, these unhealthy food companies force you to crave the sugar, bread, pasta, and processed junk instead.

That’s why they spend hundreds of millions on advertising.

If they get their pizzas or cookies in front of you just once, that “cravings trigger” in your brain does the rest of the work for them.

The more you crave unhealthy food, the more money they make. Then it’s three months later, and your cravings make you shovel down a second piece of pie even though you’re supposed to be on a diet.

And before we talk about how to fix this forever, you need to know why you gain more weight as you get older.

When you turn 50, your “cravings trigger” causes you to eat even more unhealthy foods.

Because your metabolism can’t break down artificial ingredients and sugars like when you were young. These unhealthy toxins then leak into your bloodstream, causing diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure.

What’s worse is that even healthy food companies know this!

Some healthy brands still take advantage of Americans to sell more products, adding a touch of these added sugars or artificial ingredients…

Making You Addicted to Food like a Drug Addict to Heroin.

Of course, not every food company is “evil,” but this is a gigantic problem, and it’s easy to think it’s your fault.

It’s normal to believe that your body doesn’t want you to be naturally thin.

It’s understandable to feel like you have no control over yourself.

But it’s not your fault at all.

Instead of placing the blame on yourself, I want you to put the blame on the food industry, where it belongs.

Is it starting to make sense why none of your diets ever work?

Is it starting to make sense why no amount of exercise makes a big difference?

And is it starting to make sense why you crave more food even after you just ate?

The real problem is not your willpower.

The real solution is not some empty “fat-loss” pill that doesn’t help.

And this cannot be solved by just “trying harder”… even though you’ve probably heard that a million times before.

This made me wonder…

“If cravings are inescapable…

Why are some people still naturally thin and healthy while others battle binge-eating, obesity, and diabetes?”

It’s a fair question, right?

After working with thousands of people in the natural health industry, I noticed that thin people have intense food cravings too.

The only difference is that they crave fat-burning foods instead of junk food and sugar.

So eventually I started to wonder again…

“If I could help people rewire their brain to crave fat-burning foods instead of junk food…

Could I remove the risk of obesity and even diabetes from people’s lives…

Without strict dieting or intense exercise plans?”

I tried it with a few people to start, and here’s what happened:

Cathy Britell, a 67-year-old physician, used this exact process to lose 45 pounds of fat…

Even though she spent years beforehand bouncing between diets and weight loss protocols with no success.

Jean Simmons tried this method of losing weight and escaped a scary decline into diabetes, disease, and obesity. She even left the nursing home she was in and feels vibrant and younger than ever before at the age of 80.

Finally, we have Christine Mattice. After struggling with her cravings for years, feeling lost and hopeless, and thinking sustainable weight loss wasn’t possible…

Christine has lost 69 pounds by learning to rewire her “cravings trigger.” The weight doesn’t slingshot back on her hips and belly anymore, so she now enjoys her days eating delicious food with no guilt or fear of health problems.

These three people actually ate as much food as they wanted, and still watched the fat disappear from their stomach.

Plus, they ate high-quality, tasty meals full of chicken, steak, fruity desserts, and more.

But the real reason they were able to lose weight so quickly, and never put it back on…

Even once they turned 60, 70, even 80 years old…

Is because they rewired their “cravings trigger” to CRAVE high-quality, fat-burning foods instead of starch and sugar.

So finally…

Let’s see how they did it…

How thousands of others did it too…

And how you can do the same today.

Harvard Doctors Release an Oscar-Qualifying ‘BETTER’ Documentary…

That Rewires Your Brain to Crave Fat-Burning Foods Instead of Junk Foods…
So You Can Eat More Calories and Stop Dieting…
While Still Escaping the Scary Decline into Obesity and Diabetes.

Craving starchy, sugary, processed food isn’t your fault, but it won’t stop until you train your brain to crave different foods.

After seeing so many women struggle to lose weight after 50, and working side-by-side these Harvard Doctors in my BETTER Documentary… I needed to help people rewire this “cravings trigger.”

This is where the one ‘overlooked nutrient’ comes into play.

After spending 20 years digesting all the research… publishing my New York Times best-selling nutrition book… and testing thousands of different ingredient formulas in my SANESolution nutrition company…

ALL the science pointed toward one nutrient.

Oddly enough, a lot of adults were actually deficient in this nutrient. Nobody was getting enough of it. [7]

When your body doesn’t have enough of this nutrient, you can’t control that “cravings trigger” in your brain.

And even if you do lose a bit of weight, it creeps back onto your hips, thighs, and tummy in a few weeks.

This nutrient is called… Chromium.

Chromium activates a broken metabolism by controlling that “cravings trigger” – especially cravings for sugar, bread, and pasta.

It redirects the brain to crave high-quality, fat-burning foods…

And THOUSANDS of scientists and doctors study the benefits of chromium every year.

One important study described the effects of chromium picolinate on patients with depression.

Depression often increases appetite and decreases insulin sensitivity, which can lead to diabetes – and starchy cravings.

Most of these patients were overweight or obese. For 8 weeks one group received 600 mg of chromium picolinate per day – the other group received a placebo.

Neither group knew whether they were getting chromium picolinate or placebo, and the placebo group saw no changes in appetite or carb cravings.

But the chromium picolinate group didn’t feel hungry anymore…
And the chromium picolinate reduced their carb cravings significantly.

The doctors in the study even said…

“The results of this study suggest that the main effect of chromium was on carbohydrate craving and appetite regulation.”[8]

And that’s not the only study that proves this. Another study divided 42 overweight women into two groups.

Researchers gave one group chromium picolinate for 8 weeks, while giving the other group a placebo. Again, neither group knew whether they were getting chromium or placebo.

And here are the results straight from the report:
“Chromium picolinate reduced food intake, hunger levels, and fat cravings and tended to decrease body weight… These data suggest chromium picolinate has a role in food intake regulation.”[9]

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, it’s not so crazy when you understand WHY it works.

When you eat sugar, bread, pasta, and other starchy foods, your blood glucose levels fluctuate. That means you have unstable blood sugar levels, and it’s really common with diabetic and overweight people.

Chromium controls appetite and cravings because it stabilizes blood sugar levels.

One popular review study on chromium said…

“Virtually all trials using chromium picolinate supplementation for subjects with diabetes have demonstrated beneficial effects.”[10]

Some of these “beneficial effects” include glycemic control – the ability to keep blood glucose levels from dipping too low or spiking too high.

That means chromium doesn’t only reduce starchy cravings, but chromium also eases the effects of unstable blood sugar and diabetes.

All of these studies are randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled, which is the “gold standard” in clinical research.

Even though adding more chromium rewires the “cravings trigger” in your brain on its own, I wondered what other ‘overlooked ingredients’ could help people fix this root problem…

And support sustainable weight loss that lasts for years, instead of gaining it all back when you look in the mirror next month.

That’s when I realized that chromium needs other ingredients – in the perfect doses – to fully absorb in your body and give you all the incredible benefits.

So I went back to work with my nutrition company, and emerged 17 months later with a product that included all these ingredients.

Since it is not a dangerous weight loss pill or “pixie dust” supplement, we truly took our time to develop this product.

After crafting this blend of premium ingredients in a natural lab with medical doctors, we tested it. Then we tested it again and again until it was finally ready for the public.

Based on the key ingredient that rewires your “cravings trigger” – chromium – this is the most sustainable way to rewire that “cravings trigger” in your brain…

So you can keep the weight off once you lose your first 20, 30, or 40 pounds.

Introducing Aamia

A best-selling clinical formula designed to rewire the “cravings trigger” in your brain and restore your body’s natural ability to burn fat and keep it off.

Aamia is loaded with nutrients that help you crave healthy foods instead of junk food and support sustainable fat loss no matter your age.

In each capsule of Aamia, there are 9 of the most fat-burning ingredients known to science.

These ingredients rewire your brain to crave different foods that support fat loss… so your body returns to a naturally healthy, safe state for years to come.

We make every bottle of Aamia in a world-class facility that follows every single GMP process in the book.

And all you need to do is take two capsules of Aamia with each meal.

These capsules go down easily and don’t have any unusual side effects because Aamia only uses nutrients that your body actually needs.

There’s a reason why 2 tiny capsules with each meal is the ideal number.

When your body is deficient or struggling to burn fat on its own…

It needs a constant flow of these nutrients to rewire the brain to crave different foods and kickstart your fat-burning metabolism and hormones.

After you stop craving those donuts from the store, start desiring high-quality foods instead, and notice the fat around your waistband shrinking…

That alone makes Aamia nearly priceless.

The best part is that…

It’s pretty exciting sitting down for a huge dinner with your family and not having any desire to go for a starchy dessert…

…even when it’s your guilty pleasure food!

Aamia makes this possible.

So I’ll give you the full list of ingredients here. Pay attention to this because it could make a huge difference for you.

The difference between a life full of doctor's appointments, early nursing homes, and the heart-wrenching effects of diabetes and obesity…

Versus a life of inner confidence, spending more time with your children or grandchildren, and being there for your family years from now.

Let’s take a look…



If you find yourself opening up the cupboard after you just ate, you know how hard it is to deal with cravings.

Chromium fixes this problem. That’s why it’s the primary ingredient in Aamia.

With thousands of studies to back it up, chromium controls cravings consistently, especially the desire to scarf down another piece of pizza or grab a donut before work.



The second ingredient we included is called L-carnitine.

It may sound like an odd ingredient, but your body actually makes L-carnitine on its own. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t make enough of it.

When scientists gave patients L-carnitine in a study… the subjects lost 3 extra pounds without doing anything else.[11]

This is because L-carnitine helps move fat into your cells so you can burn the fat as energy, instead of watching it pile up on your waist or thighs.



Combining L-carnitine with this third ingredient accelerates weight loss.

When researchers combined L-carnitine with Choline in a clinical study…

The patients lost an extra 1.3% body fat in one month![12]

That equals a few solid pounds of fat for an overweight person, without doing anything else besides walking.

Choline is a powerful ingredient to support L-carnitine in burning off fat as energy and restoring your body’s natural ability to regulate a healthier weight.

Here’s the catch though.

You cannot get this special type of fat-burning Choline at a store or supplement shop or anywhere else.

We worked closely with our scientists to license a special type of Choline that’s only available in Aamia.

And the Choline in Aamia is a special, highly absorbable kind – choline bitartrate – so it actually does its job of helping you burn fat naturally.



If you’re worried about extra weight causing blood sugar problems or even diabetes, this ingredient is important for you.

The fourth primary ingredient in Aamia is Inositol and studies show it improves insulin sensitivity significantly.[13]

The more insulin your cells accept, the less of it is left in your bloodstream. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone, so the less extra insulin you have in your bloodstream, the more weight you lose… and the longer you keep it off.

This also helps cut your cravings for starchy carbs and sugars.

Other Clinical Ingredients In Aamia

We don’t have the luxury to test products that aren’t proven because our customers really need these solutions to feel thinner and fight the harmful effects of obesity and weight gain.

That’s why we don’t make ineffective weight loss pills or supplements that contain extra fillers.

While most companies add dozens of fillers, Aamia only includes extra ingredients that actually help:

The first is Biotin, to help convert food into energy instead of fat.[14]

Next is Vitamin B12, to help absorb more nutrients from the food you eat and give you more natural energy without a crash. Vitamin B12 is really important for women too![15]

Then we add DL-Methionine, a natural nutrient found in meat that helps your liver detox and actually slows down the aging process.[16]

Finally, we include Betaine and CoQ10, both ingredients that help all these others absorb fully in your body and actually support a healthier heart.[17]

Now you’re likely wondering how you get a bottle of Aamia in your hand today.

Not to mention, how much should you be taking and for how long?

My goal in creating Aamia with my team of doctors and researchers was to give everyone a fair opportunity to lose fat at any age, without burning through their willpower and binging on heaps of junk food at 11 pm.

All this is even more important when you reach your 60s, 70s, and 80s…

Because your brain has been conditioned to crave unhealthy food for so long…

And it switches from just a weight-gain problem to heart problems, diabetes, or medical emergencies.

Although that’s my goal for Aamia…

Since every bottle is produced in a high-quality, pristine facility…

Encapsulated with our own versions of these special ingredients that you can’t find anywhere else…

Which only a few companies are able to do…

It takes a while to finish making a bottle of Aamia.

And since Aamia is loaded with fat-burning nutrients that actually rewire your brain to crave high-quality foods instead of junk… Everyone keeps asking for more bottles.

Aamia is so popular that even doctors from medical schools like Harvard took notice.

And health professionals order bottle after bottle too.

This is great news, but it does slow down production. Especially because it takes so long to produce such a high-quality product like this.

Since Aamia is expensive to manufacture, takes so long to make with precision, and keeps selling out…

My team at SANESolution rarely has enough available for the public.

Yet I still never want anyone to struggle with these deadly cravings anymore, or feel like their own brain is forcing them to eat unhealthy, dangerous, toxic food.

I certainly don’t want anyone feeling like they can’t trust themselves to stay healthy and protect their own body from the terrors of obesity or other serious health problems.

That’s why in one minute…

I’ll show you how to get a bottle of Aamia today without any risk on your end.

But first, let’s discuss:

How much Aamia do you need to take?

You’ll get the best results by taking two capsules with each meal for at least 30 days.

You need 30 days of Aamia because that’s where your body starts to adapt to these fat-burning ingredients.

Just like how the food industry conditioned you to crave unhealthy, junk foods…

These ingredients need to actually rewire your neurotransmitters (the neurons in your brain) to crave different foods.

These ingredients go to work right away, but everyone who takes Aamia notices better results the longer they take it.

That’s because the more you feed your body these fat-burning nutrients, and rewire your brain to crave different high-quality foods, the faster you’ll lose weight and actually keep it off this time.

These ingredients make a massive impact on your health starting Day 1. However, the ingredients do more and more each day they are in your body.

It’s like a compounding effect.

The longer you take Aamia, the more these ingredients rewire your neurotransmitters to crave higher-quality foods…

So you notice the fat shrinking around your hips and your pants loosen even when you eat more calories.

That’s why it makes sense to take Aamia every day, for months on end, even after you’ve lost your first 20, 30, or 40 pounds of chunky fat.

Because these ingredients work to ensure that your hormones and metabolism keep working against the weight-gain… and keep the weight off forever once you lose it.

This of course is not a weight loss pill loaded with dangerous ingredients.

Instead, it’s a blend of natural ingredients that your body needs to rewire the “cravings trigger” and keep the fat off once you lose it.

However, companies usually sell weight-loss products for thousands of dollars… even when they don’t do anything for you and often make you gain more weight or feel nauseous.

That’s why people love that Aamia works automatically.

It’s the Reason Why SANESolution Products Are Endorsed by Harvard Doctors, UCLA Researchers, and Health Professionals Around The World…

…because we don’t have the luxury to test products that MIGHT work.

With that said, it’s important to start off with 12 full bottles of Aamia. Although one bottle does its job perfectly if you have more than 20 pounds of fat to lose…

You’ll want 12 bottles right from the start.

That gives you a huge advantage right out of the gate.

It guarantees that you’ve done everything you can to restore a healthy body and rewire that “cravings trigger” in your brain that’s working against you.

This obesity and diabetes epidemic in America is not going away anytime soon, and every minute it gets harder to eat healthily and take care of yourself.

As food delivery becomes more accessible and junk food gets cheaper, it’s only going to get harder and harder to stop craving sugar, bread, pasta, and other processed garbage.

That’s why you need to work on rewiring this “cravings trigger” before it’s too late.

This is also why people call Aamia a gift…

Just so you know, Aamia is only available at this discounted price on this site alone.

You won’t find this price on Amazon, at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, GNC, or our main website… and I’m not sure how long this page will be available.

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When my friend Christine struggled to lose weight for so long, she felt dead inside.

She knew that no matter how hard she tried to eat healthily, something forced her back to the dangerous, toxic food she thought she loved.

But the real struggle wasn’t just hers.

It was her family who had it the worst.

They all had to watch her fight this battle and lose more hope every day, wishing they could do something about it.

As they watched Christine struggle to lose weight and regain control of her body and heart, they couldn’t help but think about what would happen if it didn’t work out.

They were forced to imagine a world without Christine.

One where they lost her due to obesity, diabetes, or an unfortunate heart problem. It sounds terribly sad, but it’s the truth.

And thousands of people deal with this situation every day.

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Yet even though all that is tru