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Lion Disaster Pre Kit - Solar Power for all your needs

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Mother nature isn't always so kind. Don’t get caught without power in the wake of her wrath. The Lion Disaster Prep Kit provides power to you and your family when the dark clouds of disaster hit — it brings lights, communication, and assurance that things will get better. Keep your family safe and prepared.

What's Included

4x Lion 100W 12V Solar Panel

The Lion 100 is a foldable, durable, portable, and easy-to-connect 100W solar panel that lasts up to 20 years. It has a max power output of 18V @ 5.56A and you can link multiple panels together.

2x Safari LT

The Lion Safari LT is a portable solar powered generator that provides safe, silent and renewable power. At just 11 pounds the Safari LT is light enough to power base camp no matter were you set up. With it's unbelievable battery capacity you can weather out storms and keep your electronics going for days on end

4x Lion Cub GO

Whether you're doing extreme sports or just a stroll through the park, the Lion Cub GO provides you power. Power for your USB devices like your phone or tablet or AC power for things like your laptop, that still have cords — we've got you covered

4x Lion GO 20 Solar Panel

  • Lightweight: Less than 3 lbs. GO 20 Solar Panel - 2 lbs.
  • High Power: Strongest battery allowed on airplanes
  • Ports: USB, 12V car auxiliary power outlet and AC

2x Cub JC

The Lion Cub JC™ provides portable power to jump-start your vehicle, provide air to tires, and power to many USB devices.e.g. Phones, Cameras, Lamps, and Tablets.
Enjoy these benefits over lead-acid chargers:

  • Lasts Longer
  • Holds Charge Longer
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Fast Charge Time
  • Weighs Less
  • More Portable

2x 25' Anderson Compatible Extension Cable

The 25’ Anderson™ compatible extension cable connects the solar panel to the other electronics. With the extra distance you have the flexibility to position your solar panel wherever you need to catch the best sunlight while the charge controller and battery sit in the shade.

4x LED Light Sets (3 strands per set)

3 LED light with 15' cords and individual on/off switch.

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